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Aug 21 2008

Van on a mission – The Cars 4 Causes Car Donation Give-A-Way Program Aids The Grossman Burn Center

Cars 4 Causes presents Dr. Grossman with donated carThe Cars 4 Causes® Give-Away Programdonated a 2002 Toyota Sienna Van to the Grossman Burn Foundation. The van was given by Executive Director Pat Jessup, and President Patti Kennedy from Cars 4 Causes® corporate offices in Ventura, CA. The Burn Foundation contacted Cars 4 Causes® earlier this year regarding the need for a vehicle to be used for a unique mission.

The Grossman Burn Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the California-based Grossman Burn Center, LLC, which specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery treatment for burn victims.  The Foundation recently opened a facility in Kabul, Afghanistan. Their request was for a van or SUV to use as a transport for patients.

The newly opened hospital is under the direction of Dr. Peter Grossman, and Dr. Abdul Asat. Both doctors are accomplished Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. The facility will provide care to patients in Afghanistan regardless of ability to pay, in a place where the health status of the general  populace, especially women, ranks among the very worst in the world. The van will be shipped to Kabul, where it will be used to provide transportation for burn victims. Grossman Burn Centers stated that this donation from the Cars 4 Causes® Give-Away Program is a vital part of the success of their mission in Kabul.

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4 Responses to “Van on a mission – The Cars 4 Causes Car Donation Give-A-Way Program Aids The Grossman Burn Center”

  1. Allan says:

    As a recent donor to Cars 4 Causes I applaud all that you do!

  2. Ganise Powell says:

    I am a single mother with 3 boys and 1 girl on the way. I have a drivers license. In a program that I get to thanks to God. My struggle has been very difficult. I have no income at this time. By the end of this month I have my 4th child. I need to work ASAp to pay my bills so we dont lose our place. I graduate 1/2009. I really need a car. I have been holding on to the best of my ability. It gets hard when I have no energy or have to carry my 2 year old son while pregnant. Please I wish a car could be donated to me. It you do donate please call at 707-563-7679

  3. Rebekah Newman says:

    Im a single mother of 3 small children all under the age of 7, Iam also a survivor of domestic violence. Currently Im enrolled in school so I can better myself, Im struggling with transportation to get myself,and my children to and from school and doctors appointments. I have no income and the bus is very costley, my family and I would be very greatful if this program could donate a car, so I can make a better life for my children. You can get intouch with me at 805-934-1018

  4. admin says:

    Vehicle give-away requests are considered by filling out this brief application:

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