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Apr 23 2009

Donate a Car to a School

Category: Cars 4 Causes,Charity NewsLorraine @ 3:52 pm

When the State of California recently cut $11.6 billion out of the public education budget, the losers were our young students. Art, music, physical education – all the “extras” — face a high probability of getting cut. What a loss this is!

What can a parent to do to help? We’ve identified a few ways:

  • Volunteer for your child’s classroom
  • Volunteer for your school PTA
  • Donate money to your child’s school
  • And we’re adding another: Donate car to your California school of choice.

Donating Cars to Schools of Your Choice

We’ve set up a Save Our Schools section of Cars 4 Causes, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, to make it easy for you to donate a car and dedicate the proceeds to the California school of your choice. You’ll receive the same tax benefits as with any car donation, and you’ll be helping your child’s school.

Why We Care

The problem with cutting the arts and physical education programs, as we see it, is

Children learn teamwork and discover new horizons.

Children learn teamwork and discover new horizons in their arts programs.

that these programs enrich the lives of our children. Gym classes teach team skills (a great predictor of success in corporate life!), and art and music programs broaden our children’s views of life’s possibilities. Who knows what talents our kids will discover within themselves, given the opportunity?

We care about kids and education; in fact, our concerns about education were the reason we originally launched Cars 4 Causes. Now, Cars 4 Causes is the most highly respected  car donation program in the nation, and we think we can lend a hand to help our schools through tough times.

Check out our Save Our Schools section on the Cars 4 Causes Website. Our kids need our help.

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2 Responses to “Donate a Car to a School”

  1. A Day for Our Kids: Cars 4 Causes Spreads the Word | The Cars 4 Causes Blog. Car Donation Program Nationwide. says:

    [...] We’ve made it easy to donate to Ventura County schools through Save Our Schools, and we’re spreading the word. Our message: Donate a car so your children can experience what you had as a child, music and art [...]

  2. Thrifty Car Sales says:

    Donating a car to a school is such a boon for training young people to drive, without the stress of a family member having to do it, or a driving school, which few people can afford.

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