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Aug 12 2009

Truck Donation Was Key to this Program’s Success

Category: Car Give-Away Program,Cars 4 Causes news,Charity NewsLorraine @ 8:30 am

Often the journey of a vehicle donation surprises and delights us. As this one did. The donated vehicle was a box truck. It was plain and unassuming, and it was just what the CityKidz program desperately needed.

Donated through the Cars 4 Communities program, this box truck plays a key role in a creative neighborhood project.

Donated to the Cars 4 Causes(R) Give-Away Program, this box truck plays a key role in a creative neighborhood project.esperately needed.

CityKidz is run by the South Coast Fellowship in Ventura, and the truck was donated as part of our Cars 4 Causes® Give-Away Program.

The truck is key to the success of the CityKidz program. The South Coast Fellowship painted it in fun colors and images and loaded it up with sound equipment, games, prizes and costumes. Now, volunteers take it on visits to local neighborhoods. At each stop, kids and their families are invited to come and participate in an exciting program that includes games, music, and impromptu skits.

The CityKidz’ immediate goal is to involve children and their families in expressive, creative and cooperative interaction. Volunteers visit each area once a week, and now residents look forward to seeing them arrive.  The longer-term goal is to build a relationship with neighborhood residents, one which allows the South Coast Fellowship to identify and meet practical needs.

The journey is a continuing one, and we’re pleased to see that a plain, white, donated truck could be transformed to play a colorful part in this successful program. Learn how to donate car today!

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