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Feb 15 2011

Valentines for Treasured Citizens

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On February 4th, 2011 Team Cars 4 Causes® members donated their time and hand crafted valentine cards with paper doilies, glitter and foam heart stickers.  140 different Valentines were created and each had a love quote on it.

On February 14, 2011, Team Cars 4 Causes visited two homes of our most treasured citizens, The Aegis and The Venturan in Ventura, California.  Each team member carried handmade Valentine cards and sweet Valentine confections to surprise the residents on this special day.   A balloon artist joined the team to craft personalized Valentine themed balloons for willing participants.  Team Cars 4 Causes members split into two groups and joined the residents for lunch.  Our senior Valentines were very happy to receive the handmade cards and to know that outside of their community there are those of us who care.   Our balloon artist created flowers and swans that made the residents smile from ear to ear.   One woman smiled so big it made everyone else smile too! During our visit we met two love birds Tom and Betty Ann Bruno who shared a kiss over lunch that we caught on camera! Our most beloved Valentine was Grace, who will turn 100 years old this year.  We made a special balloon rose for her that she appreciated so much she squeezed it until it almost “POPPED.”   Other residents took joy in wearing their Valentine cards on their heads; admittedly a strange custom, but adorable all the same.


Some of the residents at the The Venturan were bed ridden so Cars 4 Causes Team Members were allowed to visit them in their rooms.  We read them the love quotes on their cards and told them we wanted them to know we were thinking of them on Valentine’s Day.  Many of the residents knew Cars 4 Causes because they had car donation to us in the past.  Others couldn’t stop talking about how the Valentines brought back so many memories of their younger days.  Great Job Team Cars 4 Causes!!


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